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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Did I miss the fall season? Are we already stepping into winter weather? I thought reminders of how to reduce or eliminate bad colds or flu would be useful.

With the weather dim and dull, we stay indoors more and get bored. This sets up a lot of problems we don't have to deal with in the sunnier months. We breathe stale air, become couch potatoes, and eat too much of the comfort foods. This is a powerful setup to make our bodies susceptible to catching anything someone else has which is airborne. You all know about using tissues to catch that sneeze and about washing your hands as well as getting enough good sleep, so I'll talk about helpful supplements.

For anyone likely to get exposed to colds and flu like teachers, healthcare workers, sales people and wait staff, I highly suggest starting right away with ModuCare, Beta Glucans or mushroom extract. These are powerful immune system supporters and will go a long way in keeping those bad bugs at bay. If you are unlikely to get exposed because you aren't a very public person, use Echinacea root to get a temporary boost once you get a bug.

Once the bug has taken hold, boost your immune system, kill the bug and support the body's parts which are without symptoms. To deal with colds not much is better than grapefruit seed extract in large amounts. I use them this way: the tablets for the overall body; the liquid for getting rid of those sore throats; and the nasal spray to care for the nose. For flu, I like Monolauren in higher amounts along with the immune boosters and aromatics like peppermint and eucalyptus. Of course, for both ailments Elder tea straight or blended with peppermint is very effective for stopping or preventing them.

There are many other supplements which help such as vitamin C, Goldenseal, Asian herbal blends to get rid of deep bronchial coughs and lozenges to stop the tickle. A couple of homeopathic products standout, too. These are aconitum napellus and Pulsatilla. Try to stay active, start exercising and be sure to take a multivitamin with minerals and trace elements.

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