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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Care of the mouth, teeth and gums is important. Not just for the obvious work of chewing food for good nutrition but also for mental health and heart health. So just what does this strong statement mean?

The old psychological theorists, such as Freud, guessed that people with good health of their mouth and nasopharynx (nose and sinuses) had fewer fears and could live a better life. He and a friend actually surgically removed a woman's nose in an attempt to "cure" her hysteria. This obviously didn't work. However, anxiety, panic and traits of hysteria are related to how well a person breathes and how confident they are as a person. Other psychological theorists, in the Gestalt tradition, theorized that people with good oral health could "bite into life" better. This may be true.

I recently had the good chance of bumping into friends whom I haven't seen for awhile. Many of them have had braces put on their teeth or have had extensive dental care after decades of poor oral care. One thing common in their experience is that they feel better about themselves. All claim better physical health overall and even natural weight loss. Certainly, their "bite into life" has been improved.

Getting timely professional care from your dentist is an important aspect of caring for yourself. There are however, a few other things you can do. For instance, a good diet, supplemented by a good multiple vitamin with minerals and trace elements, brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sugars are all good things. Rinsing and swallowing with the Green tea/peppermint/nettle combination I mentioned last week is very good.

For heart health, be sure to take strong amounts of grapefruit seed extract before and after any major dental work. The same bugs which wreak havoc on the gums do so on the heart valves too. Supplementing with CoQ10 is great for healing the gums and mouth, for strengthening the heart and improving overall energy. If I had a canker sore I'd take CoQ10, 2000mgs of niacinamide daily and rinse/swallow with a tea made from Red Raspberry leaf. And seriously consider improving your "bite into life," it's worth it.

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