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Thursday, January 17, 2002

Good heavens! The things we get in the mail. I'm constantly amazed with the material which comes to the Herbacy touting yet another AMAZING DISCOVERY!

The marketers of natural products are not alone. My most stunning mail was for a symposium by conventional practitioners focusing on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This weekend symposium was designed for medical doctors and professionals in mental health.

The featured presenter wrote a book on ADD, or if hyperactivity is involved, ADHD. He had listed not one, two or even three types of ADD, but eight different categories.

You could be medically diagnosed by him and his devotees as having ADD even if you were a quiet daydreamer! Behavior ranged from quiet daydreamer to being hyper-active with the attention span of an empty milk bottle. Drug regimen would follow. You could also buy his book so you could sort out just what type of ADD was involved.

The medical field uses a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for current classifications of ADD or ADHD, and at this point doesn't support eight different types. So, this medical guru is really out there on his own. What also flabbergasts me is there is no real consideration given to nutrition and nutritional deficit.

We know clearly a certain fat found in fish oil is necessary for proper brain function. How many people eat fresh tuna or salmon? Fried catfish and fish sticks don't count. We also know certain traditional herbs, like Grape Seed Extract, help, while amino acids such as 5HTP and glutamine can be lifesavers. Before prescribed drugs were used, many found DMAE useful. Certainly, keeping blood sugar levels in balance is a good thing.

Sometimes, the hyperactive child is gifted and needs more stimulation or a different type of stimulation than other children. Think how funny it is when the new parent is very proud when little Johnny begins to walk and to talk. Visit the same family a few months later and you'll likely hear "shut up and sit down." Curious, isn't it?

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