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Thursday, January 2, 2003

Ever get the sense that we keep repeating the experiences of the ones who lived before us? Somehow, I even convince my foolish self that we are in new territory doing things in a "modern" way. Fortunately, I'll come back to my senses and know that how we do things may be different but what we do isn't much different than years past.

Medicine and health are like that, too. It's not surprising that many substances currently used today go back to the 19th century and even before that to the time of the alchemists. You remember the alchemists of old often tried to turn something base into something valuable, like lead into gold. A product still found today which has roots in alchemy and in 19th century medicine is the colloidal gold and silver line. Some usefulness of gold has been shown for arthritis, just as some usefulness of silver colloid has been shown as a "purifier." I'm not a fan of these products, however.

Almost every religious system has within it a belief that our creator placed the plants on earth to be the source of our medicines. I'm using the word medicine in a broad sort of way. This can be something to keep us healthy, too. The non-plant source colloidal suspensions of the 19th century were high science at the time and a big step away from using leeches and many other grotesque forms of healing. These days, we have really good plant sources, such as grapefruit seed extract, which give us a "purifier" (kills parasites, virus, bacteria and yeast) proven by Dr. John Mainarich of BioResearch Laboratories to be about 90 to 95 percent more effective than colloidal silver. In terms of effectiveness, why bother with colloidal silver? Grapefruit seed extract costs less, too.

Another concern bothers me. Silver is a metal and has some potential problems when taken internally. When put into colloidal suspension, it should stay in suspension. Not all suspension preparations are stable at the time of preparation. Do you know the percent of bound and unbound metallic silver in the preparation in front of you? This is important as unbound metal ingested in large amounts certainly cannot be good for you and can turn your skin a dull silver color. I think letting this remedy be replaced by a plant product proven in the 20th century is a good thing.

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