Must be Springtime

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I found the first tick attached to a shoulder the other day. It was about the size of the top end of a Bic pen. Lots of people are sneezing and the daffodils are in full bloom. Evenings are longer and warm enough to enjoy while the days are still a little chilly. Must be Springtime.

Now is the time to start using ModuCare to help reduce allergies across the board. This product, when taken on a regular basis (3 caps/day), helps your immune system moderate its response. Meaning that it remains pointedly effective at struggling with colds, infections and nasty things that cause us trouble but reduces the immune battle with allergens that will soon be floating through the air as a green cloud of pollen.

ModuCare helps the immune system call out the full power of the armed forces for big nasties but only calls out the local cop for pollen, etc. It takes a little time for our bodies to adjust, so start using ModuCare sooner than later and keep using it through the worst of the pollen. Quercetin and Xlear nasal rinse are very beneficial for Springtime allergies as well.

Now what about that tick? Likely, since we had such a mild winter the ticks and chiggers will be out in force this year. The best way to deal with the bites is to avoid them. But, that can be difficult if you step off the pavement or have a dog or cat that goes outside. I like Cactus Juice to spray on my neck, arms, waist, and ankles. Though it cannot be legally called a bug repellant (it is a skin protectant), I find it keeps all sorts of flying biters, chiggers and ticks at bay. It is so safe (and DEET free) that it can be used on dogs, cats and children of all sort.

If you get a tick attached, cover with a thick coat of petroleum jelly or shortening to kill it. Then with clean hands and fingernails pull it out with steady pressure. Clean the bite and dab with tea tree or grapefruit seed extract.

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