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Thursday, January 24, 2002

I was talking with friends last week about how difficult things seem to be these days. I'm not saying life isn't enjoyable or anything about the basic goodness of people, especially in our part of the world. Rather, I meant our systems of service seem so bogged down and downright out of whack.

Take health insurance as an example. For people lucky enough to work for a strong company, this usually comes as part of the benefit package. Trouble is, the cost to the employee keeps going higher and higher and if the company pays for part of the cost, that keeps going up, too. I know of cases where family coverage for medical insurance costs more per month than the worker makes per month. Out of whack? You bet, and this is for declining coverage.

A movement most folks don't know about, but has scary implications, is called CODEX, and it is worldwide.

CODEX has been around for many years, but due to diversity, has not been implemented and at this point isn't likely to be for at least a few more years. This is a case of Big Brother and New World Order at its worst. The CODEX system is a sort of formulary or list which would place controls on natural supplements such as ordinary herbs, vitamins, minerals and most anything you take for granted in a health food store.

The controls have not been agreed upon as the diverse needs of Third World countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt has thrown a fly in the ointment, so to speak.

There is a huge chess game going on which we know little about when it comes to CODEX. Decisions made far away already have an influence on your freedom to use natural products without undue governmental restrictions.

What to do? Educate yourself on this. If you have a computer do a search for CODEX and read as much as you can, then tell others. Seems to me international harmony, peace and good care of the Earth are desirable, but only if there is no forced conformity. Forced conformity is not harmony.

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