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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ever wonder if there is a cholesterol-lowering supplement that reduces the bad stuff, raises the good and protects your liver at the same time? On top of that it is inexpensive, easy to use and has almost no side effects and remarkably has 27 scientific studies supporting its use. The information is found right in the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) for Supplements. This amazing supplement is pantethine.

In Japan and Europe, pantethine in the dose range of 600 to 1,200 mg is used as American doctors use the statin drugs like Lipitor® and Crestor®. The neat thing, unlike these prescribed drugs, pantethine actually protects your liver from toxins including alcohol, at least as proven in many animal and human studies. It was also very clear that this easy to afford supplement helps with platelet normalization along with improving protection against plaque build-up.

Pantethine was studied in humans with diabetes and high cholesterol levels. In one study the triglyceride levels dropped by 37 percent. Quoting the PDR, "In general, looking at all the studies to date, pantethine typically reduces total cholesterol by 15 to 25 percent and triglycerides by 25 to 40 percent." They further suggest adding niacin to improve the benefits, as it will safely work with the pantethine.

This supplement seems safe for children as well as adults as it has been studied in both. Doses up to 1,200 mg have been well tolerated with just a few reports of mild tummy troubles. The PDR seems to imply safety in combining pantethine with statin drugs saying it may provide extra benefit. The only precaution listed is for pregnancy and nursing mothers.

Be sure to read the label closely on the supplement bottle. Do not confuse pantethine with another similar sounding supplement called pantothenic acid. They are cousins but do very different things in our system.

I like the quality of pantethine produced by Daichi, a Japanese company. They use it medically in Japan and have a long history of production. Folks, this is a supplement I use for all of the good reasons supported by solid science. Due to my history it is a near perfect fit.

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