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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

As the season changes, life around us begins to adapt and change to the new environment.

When leaves fall, allergens will increase and ailments, which were just a memory of last year, will renew themselves. Just like winterizing or summerizing your car, getting your body ready and in tune is important, too.

Do you really need complicated medicines to keep your system in tune? Some of the simplest of herbs are the most helpful and a combination, when used daily, can literally be a godsend in prevention and relief, according to the old healers. The original medicine people would often combine herbs according to need and availability. Here is a combination, which I think is very useful: 1 oz. green tea; 1 oz. nettle leaves; 1 oz. peppermint; 10 to 12 cups of pure water (or to taste); and, no sweetener.

Brew this into a tea by pouring boiling water over the herbs and steeping for 20 minutes. Strain, set aside the tea and let cool. You might use the wet blend of herbs at this point as a plaster for sores, itchies or cuts on the skin. You may simply choose to compost them. After the tea has cooled, pour it into a pottery jug and place in a cool location away from heat or sunlight.

Alternatively, pour into a glass container and chill in your fridge. This tea will stay fresh for at least a week and up to 10 days.

Every morning, after brushing your teeth, pour yourself a cup of tea blend, being sure the temperature is comfortable. Warm it gently if you need to. Instead of just drinking this tea, take enough to gargle and to swish around your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums, then swallow. Finish the cup in this manner.

The green tea helps prevent and heal ailments throughout the body including the reduction of dental cavities. The Nettle is rich in nutrition and was used by the old ones to reduce allergies and hay fever. The peppermint improves digestion, reduces allergies and acts as an antibacterial while it freshens the breath. All this and more - simple!

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