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Thursday, February 6, 2003

I heard the other day the groundhog came out and saw its shadow. This means six more weeks of winter, so some people say. If this is true, then we have only six more weeks until spring. Time to open the windows, dust the corners and air out the house... a spring-cleaning. Also known as a "cleanse."

There are many types of cleanses but a general one, which is often a blend of special herbs, is what is usually done in the springtime. No fast or cleanse should be done unless you are healthy or closely supervised by your health practitioner. Most often, the duration of a spring cleaning as a fast is not more than three days, sometimes as short as one. If you decide to do a detox, these can last 10 to 30 days.

I like a fast/detox, which I call the Desert Morning Cleanse. It uses a powerful blend of simple natural foods. I've seen it work like a charm and it tastes pretty good, too. This one is a combination of cayenne (heat units are important, 40 and above), lemon juice, pure water and top grade, organic maple syrup. The simplest is often the best.

For three days you eat nothing and drink only this combination in one gallon of pure water for each day. I've found not watching TV beneficial during this time as the advertisements for food cause some grief.

An effective and easy alternative to the Desert Morning Cleanse is to use an herbal blend. I like a combination of alfalfa, buckthorne bark, licorice, red clover, barberry, burdock root, poke root, stilingia and prickly ash. This is an old formula, which has withstood the test of time. The herbs individually are hard to gather but can be found in capsule form in most good herb shops. Start this detox on a night that can give you several days free, just in case you temporarily feel not up to par as your body dumps accumulated toxins. It goes without saying, plenty of good fresh water is in order. The cleanse/detox usually lasts about 10 days and just might help you break that set point for weight loss, too.

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