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Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Type II diabetes is a serious condition. Unlike type I, you may be able to avoid this one or, even after it has developed, care for it through diet alone.

Sometimes prescribed medications are required and this is to be respected. If left uncared for, type II can cause serious and harmful effects to your body. This ailment tends to blossom in adulthood and is sometimes called "Adult Onset Diabetes."

According to some forward thinking MDs, this onset is due to diet and dietary habits which set up a physical ailment.

The thinking is like this: we eat too many sugary foods, drink too many sweetened sodas (artificial sweeteners may actually contribute to the problem as well as white sugar), eat too many refined carbohydrates (like cakes, cookies, refined flour breads) and over a period of time our digestive systems, especially the pancreas, get used to working overtime.

If you've ever worked overtime regularly, well, you know, overtime becomes normal and expenses get based upon that income and the fatigue which comes from working long or extra days just gets factored into what life is. Trouble is, life isn't balanced and eventually we crash. The same is true dietarily with the condition called hyperinsulinemia. This can happen before full-blown Adult Onset Diabetes develops.

Food combining along with avoidance of certain foods can reverse hyperinsulinemia, according to folks in the know. The combining works like this: protein and all natural fats (eliminate margarine and Olestra) are to be eaten with non-starchy vegetables, whole grain foods are to be eaten with non-starchy veggies, proteins/fats are not to be eaten with whole grain foods. Fruit is to be eaten separately and at least three hours from any meal.

Sugars along with refined foods are to be avoided along with low-fat or full-fat milk. Cheese in any form is a good food, just don't put it on a cracker.

There are many foods which are hard to classify so the above is just a simple view of food combining. Does it work? I think so . . . when I do this I find my taste buds happy and my appetite satisfied. I usually lose weight doing this as well. Try it for yourself.

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