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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jim Fain Where do ailments come from? In our industrialized world we have not only industrialized sickness but also evolutionized bugs in addition to those created in the beginning of time. Add in accidents and chronic dietary deficiencies and it's a wonder we do as well as we do. Our bodies are created masterfully. But we do have to take care of them if we expect them to last.

The ailments that come from nutritional deficiencies tend to be chronic, long lasting and difficult for western medicine to treat. Areas of lack that I see are in plant fats such as sterols, fish oils, natural sulfur, animal fats such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and glyconutrients, which I have written extensively about. Supplementing may be the only way to get these back into our diets.

Sterols (ModuCare) come to us from fresh unrefrigerated green leafy vegetables. They help reduce allergies, reduce cholesterol and refine the way our immune system works. Fish oils are good for the brain, reduce depression, improve skin, reduce aches and are a powerful protector of the heart.

Natural sulfur (MSM) is found in many foods (but is abundant in those we don't eat much anymore) and is a powerful pain reliever (anti-inflammatory), improver of hair and nails plus much more.

CLA (Tonalin) lowers cholesterol, reduces the spare tire, improves the immune response and has a beneficial impact on breast cancer cells. It is found in cheese, butter and meat from grass-fed cows. Glyconutrients are a blend of all known saccharides, some of which are not simply found in today's diets, causing chronic deficiency. These are so important, hundreds of ailments are benefited.

Plenty of clinical studies have been done on most dietary supplements. So much so that an international effort (Codex) is underway to standardize what will be available for you to buy and under what conditions you may buy it. This is because the dietary supplements are both safe and effective, even if, maybe especially if, compared to prescribed drugs. Big money interests wouldn't be interested in controlling supplements otherwise.

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