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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

SARS is in the news a great deal these days. This is a shortened way of saying Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome. A syndrome is a grouping of symptoms that don't quite fit any other place, and acute is a way of saying short term with big impact. Respiratory is of the breathing system. Yes, you guessed it: this is a very fast moving and intense illness like a very bad cold or flu. We now know what causes this illness.

It is new to us two-leggeds but it is not new to four-leggeds. Through the use of a very powerful electron microscope and high tech DNA techniques, this bug turns out to be a new variation of a virus that has bothered cows, pigs, birds and others for a long time. Somehow it has jumped the species barrier and landed in the land of human lungs. The culprit is called a corona virus and is spread through sneezing and touching.

Western medicine is right when they claim they have no cure for this virus, though they are feverishly working on a vaccine. But you know there is a difference between western medicine and science. Science normally supports western medicine until you get into the natural products. Actually this is where the business of western medicine stops utilizing science.

If science proves a natural product is effective for killing a particular bug in humans then it is called a drug. For instance, if I were to say product X kills the corona virus in humans, I would be in trouble making claims that are medical in definition. If I happen to say product X has been shown scientifically to kill enveloped viruses, which the corona virus is, in test tubes and animals, then I am just reporting facts that have been published.

Well, lauric acid is a natural product with current good science that goes back to the early '80s. Study after study shows how this natural substance found in mother's milk and coconut interferes with the envelope of viruses, killing them. Lauric acid is considered a nutritional product and can be marketed and sold to people like you and me. Lauric acid for human consumption can be found in colostrum (low potency) and monolaurin (high potency).

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