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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

An egg white is a profoundly good source of amino acids, perhaps only beaten (no pun intended) by Royal Jelly, produced by honeybees, as a natural and complete food source. Think of it... the egg white nourishes the yolk to become a complete chicken. The Royal Jelly which is only fed to the queen bee can keep her alive for many years, far outliving her royal court and worker bees. Here are a few more interesting points on three interesting amino acids:

L-glutamine (remember the L indicates an amino acid is attached) is converted to glutamic acid in the brain.

Naturopath Dia Spriggs says this amino acid controls sugar cravings, enhances mental ability and can be useful with epilepsy and senility as well as schizophrenia and mental retardation. It has a surprise benefit of helping to protect against peptic ulcers and in keeping the digestive tract healthy.

L-tyrosine has a much longer list of benefits such as helping to maintain proper functioning of the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands - deficiency has been linked with underactive thyroid. Having enough aids in the release of appetite suppressing hormones, which helps reduce body fat. This all links to feeling better about yourself which can lift anxiety and depression while elevating moods. Allergies drop, sexual desire improves and headaches reduce. Memory is reported to improve. One caution - it's best not to use supplemental L-tyrosine if you happen to be taking prescribed drugs called MAO Inhibitors.

Speaking of MAO inhibitors, which are used for medical treatment of depression, according to Naturopath Spriggs L-5HTP (another amino acid) is excellent for increasing serotonin, which helps regulate normal sleep while decreasing pain sensitivity. Chronic pain sufferers (fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.) should take notice.

L-5HTP helps with mood, depression, mania and aggressive/hyperactive behavior. It suppresses appetite, improves digestion, enhances release of hormones necessary for red cell production and even helps keep the skin looking young and fresh.

Egg whites and Royal Jelly -- nectar from the Creator.

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