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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Last fall I wrote about a hot new product on the market called coral calcium. I reported to you I thought calcium was a good daily supplement for most people. With coral calcium in mind, science had not caught up with the marketing claims. More of the story is now available.

It seems that most, if not all, of the American-sold coral calcium comes from just one bulk vendor. Smaller companies buy up barrels of the ground up coral and label according to their own product marketing. Some companies will add vitamins and minerals in order for their product to stand out. Seems a bit of overkill as the natural coral calcium has at last count 72 different minerals already provided in a digestible form by Mother Nature. All coral calcium from this vendor comes from Okinawa and is harvested without harm to the living environment of coral reefs.

Why wasn't it on the American market sooner? Seems as though the major supplier was contractually bound to a multi-level marketing company to keep it off the general market. The multi-level in this case had the sole rights to sell the product. Under this scheme, the retail price ranged from $35 to $80 a bottle compared to $16 to $35 a bottle after the company got out of the contract. You can check out for more of the story.

Here is why calcium is good for you. It does many things for your body, the most prominent being the health of your bones, reduction of colon cancer risk from polyps, reduction of kidney stones and the ability to keep heart rhythm steady. Regular calcium supplements containing calcium carbonate, gluconate and citrate are notorious for their low digestibility in our systems. However, a product called AAAcalcium (Advacal) is the exception. These products, with the exception of AAAcalcium, all contain magnesium and vitamin D.

There still isn't a lot of science behind coral calcium. However, orthopedic surgeons use a similar paste of calcium to improve grafting of bones and I've uncovered some scientific literature from Japan. Studies done on mice show antagonism toward growth of colon cancer cells with spread to the lungs while additionally boosting the immune system. I think it is beneficial for us, too.

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