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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Jim Fain I saw an embroidered couch pillow that spoke loudly. It said so much in just a few words; the embroidery painstakingly done underscored the beauty and simplicity of the need in our time. Our world is changing quickly. At times of great change anxiety levels increase. The saying was "What a wonderful world it would be if we could forget our troubles as easily as we forget our blessings!" Anxiety kills relationships and us.

The nature of anxiety is important to understand. It is anticipation of what might happen based upon what has happened, often long ago, with little reality of what is now. When we act to reduce anxiety by becoming frustrated, controlling and not listening to others, we end up hurting others and hurting ourselves.

Engaging in a pre-emptive argument or battle does give us an outlet for revenge and provides a faulty view of making ourselves safe again. However, revenge and healing are opposing energies - one cannot be seeking revenge and have healing at the same time. It is very human to dump our need for revenge on someone we think is lesser or who has done us wrong. The outcome is certain that way, though hurtful and inappropriate.

Excitement and anxiety can be confused. The difference is that anxiety is based on worry about the future, while excitement is felt in the present. Arguments or battle produce excitement as it is happening now. This shifts how we see the world and anxiety lessens for a while as we get to blame others.

Bottom line is this is a faulty way of becoming secure. This type of aggressiveness creates a thin film of safety which constantly must be kept up, otherwise it fails miserably. Peace is desired but keeps getting further away.

To have peace, we must live in peace; trouble is, great spiritual trust is needed. That all-too-human demon of anxiety is always nearby. Therefore, turn off the TV, take a couple of capsules of L-Theanine, maybe add some L-5HTP, enjoy the moment, give thanks for your life, make amends to those you've hurt, and move on.

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