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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jim Fain There is no human creation greater than the creation of the human. Everything we create has enough flaws built in naturally and normally that it should give us pause as to our sense of importance. Trouble is, most people are asleep to this truth. Nowhere is this more evident than in believing synthetic medicine is the cure to all our ills. TV ads, if believed without thinking, cause us to sleep even more.

Mother Nature/Earth is the source of our ailment, but also the source of our health. We humans can't separate ourselves from this truth by creating artificial medicines. The artificial can give us a false sense of wellness but side-effects all too often bring us back down. A wise person will take the time to look at what they are doing.

In this commercial and materialistic world, how can you know what is needed? We get barraged by commercial messages all the time telling us what we should want. Want gets confused with need and to sort it out takes effort. It is easier to sleep through life. To choose a quality nutritional supplement, there are a few easy things you can do.

First, don't rely on price as a measure of quality. Value-added marketing often would double or triple the price on a product that is no better than the cheaper one. Very cheap products are cheap purposely, so think before buying. However, do match the name on the front of the bottle to the name of the manufacturer on the back. A good manufacturer won't hide a good commercial product under another commercial name. Do look for compliance with all cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) audited by the National Nutritional Foods Association.

A big name on the front label usually is about selling the product and the price bears the brunt. Some professionally made products, which come from specialty labs, are top-notch. Companies such as Lane Labs, Boston Mountain and Reliance Vitamin come to mind. Best advice is to take time to look at what you are doing.

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