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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Seeing is believing - or so we are told. This old saying is really a belief itself. Maybe all that there is, ultimately, is belief. Belief and faith are interlinked - belief happens, faith sustains.

Trouble with "seeing is believing" is that it isn't true. Have you ever seen the air? When air moves it becomes wind -- have you ever seen the wind? No person can deny the strong power of the wind such as the tornado and the hurricane yet what makes these up can't be seen with our eyes until the storm picks up dust.

Science attempts to test in order to make belief fact. Science is often arrogant.

I fell prey to this arrogance regarding the usefulness of ear candles. Some time ago, I reported in this column the enjoyment and believed effectiveness of a candling session held at home with a group of friends. Shortly thereafter I heard from two well known yet very diverse locals who maintained ear candling didn't work.

Because this assertion came from such distinctly different people, I decided to do my own controlled experiment in good scientific form. I reported the outcome in another column and decided to no longer stock ear candles. This was my error. In my desire to be of good service I judged the usefulness of ear candles only on the outcome of my science-based experiment. I apologize for being too conservative, based upon the narrow information which my experiment provided.

The ear candle is a hollow tube of linen soaked in paraffin or bees wax, one end is pointed the other is blunt. The pointed end is placed in the external ear canal with the help of a partner and the blunted end is lit with flame. Candles burn about fifteen minutes, then are carefully discarded. The other ear is then done. My experiment showed that the candle produces a great deal of it's own debris so what you see inside the candle at the end of a session is mostly produced by the candle.

What the experiment did not and could not address is the effect of the candling on the spirit of the person or on the indirect benefits achieved. Remember, the group of us had a terrific evening sharing the intimacy of the candling act which had to be of healthful benefit. Air can't be seen yet we have faith that it exists -- candles move air and did move my spirit.

Humility is health, though it is often difficult.

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