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Thursday, October 4, 2001

L-arginine is nothing short of amazing. How could one amino acid be good for high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, lung disease, wound healing, Bob Dole's "ED" and even aging? Well, it turns out arginine works its magic by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body.

Nitric oxide is a chemical messenger for numerous functions in the body. It signals the release of important hormones and acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is used by the immune system to kill marauding bacteria and cancer cells. The proper amount of nitric oxide normalizes high blood pressure, is a preventative for heart disease and helps maintain good circulation. Nitric oxide released by the influence of arginine is even involved in that condition made famous by Bob Dole.

There are so many benefits to supplementing with L-arginine that I'll only describe the major ones. It staves off heart disease in several ways.

First, by increasing the nitric oxide available to healthy endothelial cells, the good cells that reproduce replacing plaque-damaged cells. It relaxes the arteries and prevents platelets from sticking together, as well as keeping the arteries from spasm. Blood pressure should drop. A study presented at the American Heart Association in 1997 showed that patients with mild to moderate hypertension taking two grams of arginine daily experienced significant reductions in blood pressure. An Italian study confirmed this and supplementation had only gone on for one week!

Although arginine has been ignored over the clamor of Viagra, it is as effective for some men. Women likewise notice an improvement as it increases blood flow producing more sensitivity. In women it also stimulates the release of hormones which may enhance the moment.

According to Julian Whittaker, MD the starting dose of arginine is 3000mg/day (some need up to twice that amount). Arginine is best taken on an empty stomach -- remember individual aminos are taken without other proteins. Since it does some similar things which Viagra and nitroglycerin does, it is prudent to use arginine singly and in high dosage only with healthcare supervision. This is a highly effective amino acid and deserves respect.

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