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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Wow, living today is tough -- a roller coaster of trying to maintain a good life with the dips of "is this a terrorist act?"

While trying to keep life balanced, I struggle with lots of questions which are set off by the threat of airliners dropping out of the sky and white powder on the junk mail delivered each day. How can I keep life normal in abnormal times?

Here is one way. Take care of your immune system. Stress from the worry of uncontrollable events pushes your immune system down when you especially need to have it working at its best. After all, a cold and flu season will be upon us shortly. Good spiritual and emotional practices are definitely the order of the day.

Good diet along with proper exercise and meaningful work goes a long way also. Supplementing with polysaccharides is a good thing.

No, Polly Saccharides is not a girl of Greek descent (humor is good too!). Rather, it is a natural substance which has a strong beneficial effect on the immune system. These guys can be found in mushrooms and oats.

Mushroom and oat extract is rich in its health benefit. Products like MGN-3 boast clinical studies from a U.C.L.A. hospital proving the immune boost. MGN-3 is based upon mushroom extract. Beta-Glucans is an extract from oats which also has a large base of medical study supporting use as an immune system modulator. Moducare, though it comes from a different source, is a unique product and does as well.

In history, these sorts of food products have been used for rheumatoid arthritis, eliminating allergies, lowering cholesterol, fibromyalgia and anti-tumor activity. I've seen them work well and right now it seems prudent to use nature's brilliance to get you through anthrax scares, reduce or eliminate colds, flu or any infectious condition or simply to make your flu vaccine work better, should you decide to get one.

Take good care of yourself and don't watch too much TV news.

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