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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

You can feel the season changing. Mother Nature has her way of keeping all life in balance by changing the rules of living. Only the most selfish would see this as an injustice as each season gives advantage and takes advantage away in a predictable manner, if we humans would only stop interfering. Our over use of the natural water supply is just one example of our interference, as is the production of emissions from industry. A very sober editorial in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette last week illustrated the seriousness.

The guest editorial addressed the declining water levels in the main aquifers deep under the ground we walk upon. While this is an international problem (ground water levels worldwide are dropping), the problem seems to center near and around our little corner of Eden. Is this any surprise to those of us who live in the town that water built?

The immediate trouble is that large and distant cities have an unquenchable need for our water, as do the local farmers. This unslakeable thirst is causing diversion of the pure water from the two main, deep and ancient aquifers, which not only feed our springs but also much of our country. Right now at issue is the use of White River water. It seems the production of food for hungry, distant cities and the quenching of industrial as well as personal thirst is head butting. What is missed in this power play is the impact on our Earth of diverting this much water. In Florida, as water levels drop, deep sinkholes appear. Mother Nature dislikes a vacuum -- tries to fill it in. I wonder what will happen if the crust drops in and the earth becomes denser?

The mosquito problem along with the West Nile virus should begin to drop as temperatures become cooler. In the meantime, if you are worried about the use of deet as a repellent, neem or geranium oil or a combination works pretty good for the flying biters, just not so good for chiggers and ticks. But they seem to be reducing, too, as the weather changes. Mother Nature is pretty cool.

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