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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A full head of healthy and shining hair often starts to disappear in the early twenties for men and during menopause and later for women. For men, hair loss hits during the hormonal prime and for women, as the hormones begin to shift. Clearly, there is a connection to hormone levels and hair quality and quantity.

  In a previous column I wrote about phytosterols and their ability to reduce cholesterol, help with prostate problems and increase good testosterone while reducing DHT or bound testosterone. Both men and women who have the most common hair loss are dealing with changing levels of estrogen, testosterone and DHT. The phytosterols play an important role.

  In younger men who lose hair, their testosterone levels are as high as can be. But with high testosterone comes proportionally lowered estrogen along with higher amounts of DHT. It is when there is the right balance of estrogen and testosterone without DHT that lustrous and thick hair thrives.

  In middle-aged women going through the pause, estrogen reduces and proportionally the testosterone increases along with more DHT. In middle aged men the testosterone decreases but in proportion DHT and estrogen increases. The role of supplementation is to improve hormone profiles of each of these three groups.

  While researching on PuBMed I found abstracts of scientific studies clearly showing phytosterols beneficial in improving hair quality and quantity. Simply supplementing with this all natural substance made a difference. But my favorite product for hair is an Asian formula made specifically for men and one made just for women namely: Shen Min Hair nutrient.

  Taken by mouth, this supplement features blends of phytosterols, vitamins and herbs which attend to the differing needs of men and women. For example the men's formula includes the bioflavanoid chrysin (a natural aromatase inhibitor) that helps stop the production of DHT. Very smartly, the woman's formula adds the herb Foti to improve the plant estrogenic compounds. Both include supplements which work together to regain that beautiful hair. Additionally, a serum is made that you can rub right into the thinning areas.

  Will it work for you? Science says it is likely. You'll only know if you try.

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