Eureka Springs West

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Doesn't it look like a dam lot of fun on Beaver Lake?

The place to go for adventure, relaxation, scenery, lodging, shopping...and a heaping dose of the great outdoors!

Clear water, gentle breezes, long, sun-kissed days: it's simply not summer until you go swimming. Beaver Lake is irresistible this time of year, whether you float on it, or dive right in. Snorkel for tiny shells in the clear shallows, or gear up for scuba and explore the rich underwater world of the Ozarks; either way, it's a beautiful way to spend a day. No matter what you may need for your day in the sun, from fishing tackle and guide services, boat rentals, or sunblock, it's all available at area businesses around the lake and White River. And when that appetite is worked up, stop at one of the great area restaurants, just minutes from the water's edge. From a sunrise fishing trip to a sunset dip, the times are sweet and easy and in Eureka Springs West. There's also superb fishing, hiking and water fun at Lake Leatherwood Park as well, so plan a day of relaxation at each spot, and stay over at a secluded cabin or cottage in the area.

Dream up any way you'd like to enjoy our waterways.

  Stunning views, easy access to the water, and the cool winds drifting from the lake in the evening: this is the way summer is supposed to be. There's also lots of things to see and do as well, from the Belle of the Ozarks pontoon cruise on the lake, to shopping for antiques and crafts, and exploring area history. Spend some time in Eureka Springs West, and you'll learn why folks are so easygoing and friendly out here; life is good by the lake.

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