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Thursday, May 3, 2007
John Rankine

Let the Mayhem begin

Another May is here, and another May Festival of the Arts. Although this year's poster states that this is the 20th Annual May Festival of the Arts, a number of artists who have been around for at least 20 years in Eureka dispute that number, saying it's really only 17, 18, or even an unlikely 19 years this event's been put on. Probably someone with some sort of authority during the 13th annual, announced with absolute conviction, "No, I'm 100 percent positive this is the 16th annual."

And speaking of posters, our own little poster girl Cynthia Re~ Robbins (doesn't everyone crave a little doo-hickey like that above their name) has been receiving quite a bit of media attention with her wonderful work of art. Cynthia Re~ has been chosen Eureka Springs Artist of the Year, and while I really can't think of a more deserving candidate, there was nothing in any of the press, including our own paper, stating who exactly bestowed her with this honor.

Anyway, let's just cut to the chase and talk about the group photography show I'm involved with at the Main Stage gallery/lobby on North Main St. (Is this too self-serving?) The show is called "Faces" and it involves seven photographers -- some seasoned pros, some newbies. Artists Susan Storch, Richard Quick, Al Hooks, Chris Fischer, Zoi Young, Kevin Regier and moi, will all have faces on display for the entire month. A wine and cheese opening reception is planned for this Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m.

I also committed to Llee Heflin's group photography show "Flowers." I only hope there were some flowers left to photograph after April's deadly frost turned everything that was blooming or about to bud, to mush. Llee's show runs through May and June at Mud St. Café with an opening reception scheduled for Friday, May 11.

Ok, so enough about me. Lets talk about this Saturday's ARTrageous parade. According to event organizer Sally Thackery, it's a biggin', with more than 60 entries. It seems parades are fun and creative again. Maybe it took last year's disastrous Folk Festival parade to kick us in the butt and get us out of our artistic inertia. The parade starts at 4 p.m.

The Saturday Night Gallery Walk has now been changed to the Gallery Stroll. "Walk," probably seemed too pedestrian.

The Frogman returns to Zarks this Saturday. Rumors are true that our adorable, loveable Timm Hilty, who left Eureka last year for Utah (yes, Utah), is back for a visit to work the event.

Blakeley and Sylvia Wilson debut 30 new, carved and hand-painted bunnies that are so cute and masterfully done, it makes this cynical artist want to pick them up, cradle them in his hands, and go ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Blakeley is a real sweetheart, but it's mom, Sylvia, that I have a real crush on. The show is this Saturday at Wilson & Wilson Folk Art and starts at 6:30 p.m.

  And definitely don't miss the Art Car Ball Saturday night. One can only imagine what Ralph Wilson, aka, Mr. Shrine and Ranaga Farbiarz have cooked up together in the GEM.

This is just a smattering of events going on this week; so I strongly recommend everyone pick up an almost complete (you know something got left out) schedule of events you will find inserted in the May Festival Guide -- Art Plus. And pick up a copy of the May Visitor Guide. It also has a bunch of info regarding what's happening in this crazy, hectic month of May.

See you on the streets.

John Rankiné

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