Artery's 'Icons' to debut Sept. 29

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

  This year's ARTERY theme, "Icons -- from Soup to Saints," will feature 27 new works ranging from Warhol's soup can to Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination, ARTERY creator Charlotte Buchanan said.

  The new "Icons" exhibit of 8 x 4-ft. panels will be unveiled on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 1 N. Main St. Past themes have included "Still Life" and "Water."

  The unveiling will be preceded by a "prayerformace" executed by Deerwomon and Tamarah Jonason. Music will be performed after the unveiling by Holly Reed and the Bongo Girls.

  "Icons" artists will include: John Moore, Fayetteville; Eric Schuenemann, Eureka Springs; William Alder Lakish, Fayetteville; Lori Barrett, Eureka Springs; Jack Miller, Eureka Springs; Travis Fox, Eureka Springs; James Coiner, Eureka Springs; Leilan, Fayetteville; Rosie Williams Rose, Eureka Springs; Gary Adamson, Springfield, Mo; Connie Evans, Eureka Springs; Eugene Sargent, Fayetteville; Perrion Hurd, Bentonville; Elizabeth Wolf, Eureka Springs; Chris Fischer, Eureka Springs; Lily Kuonen, Fayetteville; Nathan Beatty, Fayetteville; LaDawna Whiteside, Fayetteville; Michelle Levy, Eureka Springs; Randy Townsend, Bentonville; Carol Saari, Eureka Springs; Jerri Stevens, Eureka Springs; Fran Carlin, Eureka Springs; Alice Guffey Miller, Monticello; Beth Post, Fayetteville; Jerry Younkins and Anthony Rybarezyk, Springfield, Mo.; and James Yale, Rogers.

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