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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Greetings from Trigger Gap. The recent rainfall has saturated the ground and given a boost to the Kings River. Floating conditions are good from Rockhouse access northward. This will make it easier to get to those good spots for fall smallmouth bass fishing, which is already happening.

  The sure thing for smallies is a soft plastic worked slow on the bottom in green pumpkin or watermelon colors, and with red flakes is even better. A hula grub would be the best choice for a soft plastic. However, tubes and lizards should not be ruled out.

  With cold weather approaching, the bass are feeding aggressively, which makes for explosive top-water action in the afternoon. Work a buzzbait or floating plug around submerged timber or boulders in the shade and hang on! I've caught trophy bronzebacks this time of year on surface lures.

Take a hike

  Fishing isn't the only Kings River activity to cash in on right now. Due to the current wet conditions, the runoff from any additional rainfall could result in spectacular waterfalls. A hiking trip to the Madison County Wildlife Management Area after a heavy rain would be a magical way to spend the day and make for great photos.

  This is also the time of year when black and white bass chase schooling shad on the surface of Beaver Lake. Early morning and late evening are the best times to get in on the fun. Shad can usually be seen breaking the surface in the main lake channel. Just drift with the motor at idle. As soon as you see the surface breaking, motor over to the area and cast small top-water plugs.

  My favorite technique is to throw a silver flake grub or small spoon (something that sinks) into the schooling shad and target fish hanging beneath waiting on injured shad to flutter down through the school.

  Joe Farkas of Joe's Striper Service reports that stripers are hitting consistently, even though the nighttime bite has slowed due to the cooler weather.

  Anglers should try fishing live shad in the mornings and evenings. Trolling Model A Bombers at a depth of 32 feet while in 70 feet of water has also been effective. Most of the action is from point 5 down to the dam. Farkas suggested targeting main lake points, creek mouths and underwater humps adjacent to the main riverbed.

Trout fishing

  Junior Mullins at the Beaver Dam Store said rainbows and brown trout are both being cooperative right now. Fly-fishing anglers should try a Cadion Midge in blue dun, green or red; Scuds in tan and rainbow; Wooly Buggers in olive or black and a blue and red Hot Wire Prince. Chartreuse, fluorescent orange and rainbow trout Rapalas, red and gold Buoyant Spoons and pink Mepps spinners are productive choices for spinning tackle. Power Bait selections are chartreuse, white, pink and orange. Mullins suggested tipping a Power Bait rig with a waxworm.

  Everyone associates springtime with the time to go fishing. However, fall can be some of the best fishing all year long. Those wily pisces know the days are shorter now, and their food supply will soon be running low. So, get out and take advantage of the fall feeding frenzy and enjoy the beautiful back yard we call home with someone you love.

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