Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jimie Lee "Blackfeather" Rose

Aug. 28, 1941 -- Sept. 29, 2007

  Jimie Lee "Blackfeather" Rose moved to Eureka Springs in the late 1960s. He was on the most current wave of artists and musicians to settle in Eureka. He was known by his closest friends as a guru, teacher, brother, harmonica player, front man, straight man, wise man, funny man and all around Renaissance man.

  While in Eureka, Jimie married Jude Farar and together they were blessed with one son, Farar White Rose. Farar, in turn, blessed Jimie and Jude with two grandchildren, Sacnite Flores, age 5 and Daniel Guajardo Rose, age 2 weeks.

  Jimie was direct, courageous, adventurous, upbeat and optimistic. He could be hard-headed and was forward thinking. He was spiritual and connected to all things in nature. He was an artist and a daredevil. He was easy to laugh and slow to anger.

  Jimie was actively engaged in the music and art scene all the way from creating Haight-Ashbury concert posters to playing in David Wright's Original Home Band. He also illustrated the original edition of the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of Eastern and Central North America as well as Billy Jo Tatum's Wild Food Cook Book and Field Guide. He was the best Jew's harp player on both sides of the Mississippi. Jimie's favorite color was green.

  Jimie's ability to harmonize with anyone was a symbolic manifestation of the harmony he pursued in his life. He was a Universal Life Church minister and presided at countless weddings of countless friends. Among his favorite pastimes were long, late night discussions exploring spiritual and metaphysical questions and possibilities.

  Jimie spent the last 11 years living in Patzcuaro, Mexico. He practiced the art of artistry with watercolor and oil. He also created several large murals in the traditional Mexican style and colors.

  Recently, Jimie became engaged. He left this planet entrusted to the care of his fiancé, Shelby Anderson, his mother, Idavonne Rosa, his son, Farar White Rose, two grandchildren and innumerable family members and friends.

  Jimie Lee "Blackfeather" Rose knew Jesus as so many of us knew Jimie … as a teacher, a brother, a friend. In his living, Blackfeather epitomized Matthew 6:28: "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, yet they grow".

  Jimie was truly a free spirit. He lived his life his way, on his terms, according to his beliefs and his traditions. He embraced life and death with open arms.