Friday, November 2, 2007

Slow down for autumn fun

Rush, rush, rush: television commercials and other ads are invested in slamming us from holiday to holiday. Christmas decorations are appearing on the shelves in early October, forcing the Great Pumpkin into a smackdown with Santa Claus. Why not break the vicious circle this year, and just enjoy autumn?

  This season is custom-made for a getaway in Eureka Springs, complete with long walks along wooded paths, leisurely browsing and shopping, hunting out all the best antique nooks, then taking in a gourmet dinner. November has always been a time to slow down and give thanks for the summer's bountiful harvest, so why not step sideways out of your daily cappuccino-gotta-go schedule and relax for a few days? Get a massage, see a show, or join a gallery stroll. Taste the good life with the annual Food and Wine Weekend, or find a great deal at the Fall Antique Show and Sale. Head to East Mountain Overlook or the Crescent Hotel, and watch the town reveal itself as the leaves fall.

  In fact, there's still some lovely fall foliage hanging around, so explore the Ozarks with a fishing trip to Beaver Lake, fly fishing on the White River, or a hike at Lake Leatherwood, while the air is cool and the world is quiet. When the holidays finally roll around, you'll be relaxed and ready to go, without that backpack of stress you've been carting around for months. Take some time for yourself, and enjoy a self-induced time-out in Eureka Springs.

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