Top ten ways to stay warm this winter

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

*Have a heart. Want a slam dunk success for Valentine's Day? Make early reservations for a romantic getaway now; your lovey will sing your praises for weeks.

*Be a part. There's so many holiday events this year, so jump in and participate! See homes, eat cookies, sing carols and be a real part of the community Christmas experience.

*Hike a trail. Alone on a crisp, clear morning, just you and the trails at Lake Leatherwood. Ah, the good life!

*Find a sale. Forget stuffy malls, the best holiday shopping is here; you'll find lots of great deals, and maybe even a few gifts for someone else.

*Tie the knot. You're looking at each other and thinking about it right now, aren't you? Do it! Think of the romantic tale it'll make.

*Celebrate a Scot. Drink some scotch and eat some haggis for Robert Burns Night. Ah, haggis. Need more scotch.

*Ring in with style. Just remember, champagne and doing the Hustle don't always mix.

*Rediscover your smile. Get a massage or hot stone treatment, and melt away that scowl. Mmmmmmmmm, sweet relaxation.

*Seek out history. Learn about the Trail of Tears, or the difference between a stalagtite and stalagmite; even find out why the Victorians built these homes on the sides of the mountain.

*Chase a mystery. There are many ghosts to be chased in Eureka Springs, and winter is the best time to seek out the wee paranormal beasties with a Ghost Tour.

Special holiday bonus! Stay warm this winter knowing that we love having you all here; Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful 2008!

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