A cold day at Cold Spring

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Cleaning up Mohawk territory -- In the old days, the well-to-do residents of West Mountain were called the Silk Stockings and their blue-collar counterparts on East Mountain were known as the Mohawks. Last Sunday, members of the Eureka Springs Outdoor Alliance cleared brush and worked together to rehabilitate the Cold Spring Reservation located on East Mountain below the Scenic Lookout and above Cafe Santa Fe. Photo by Don Lee


Billy Roberts has asked the Citizen to correct a misunderstanding implied in its "Cold Spring" story in the Jan. 17 edition.

Roberts said the tub was put in by his father and Bob Willis much earlier than 1947 or '48. It was in when Billy was born. Also, he said he was told the child who contracted typhoid -- and died of it -- had been diagnosed by Dr. Johns, who believed it came from drinking at Cold Spring, although no one else got sick from the spring. Roberts said he himself did not drink water from the tub but from the pipe only occasionally when out hunting. His family's drinking water came from other springs.

The Citizen regrets any confusion these errors may have caused.

EUREKA SPRINGS -- The Eureka Springs Outdoor Alliance (ESOA) held a service project at the Cold Spring Reservation last Sunday.

  Fifteen volunteers came out on the clear and cold afternoon to log more than 41 hours of work at the site. Most of the effort was spent clearing brush and vines from the spring reservation which has not been maintained for years. Also, a new trail was built creating points of access for visitors.

  Despite the amount of work accomplished, there is more to be done. The ESOA plans on scheduling a second workday to finish the trail building, including the building of some small bridges.

  Group organizer Nick Cross said, "This is what ESOA is all about, building an outdoor community in Eureka Springs! After today, everyone who volunteered will have a connection, not only with each other but with this place. It is our hope that this connection will translate into an increased sense of ownership, getting more and more locals involved in the maintenance and restoration of our outdoor resources."

  The ESOA meets the second Tuesday of every month at Sparky's at 6:30 p.m. For information about ESOA, go to www.esoutdooralliance.blogspot.com or call Cross at (479) 244-5775.

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