Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Jim Fain

What can one person do? Why do we name it Global Warming when it is really Global Pollution? Are we humans really so vain that we have to separate ourselves from the filth we produce and blame weather change for the mess we have created? Can real clean up of the environment be based upon what one person does? I'm old enough to be frustrated and cynical.

  I have no doubt that the three Rs (reduce, re-use and recycle) is a good thing to do. Trouble is the three Rs have been the mantra for about three decades and our atmosphere and oceans are in the greatest of trouble full of toxic gasses and dead zones. Most of the people I know have practiced the three Rs as best as they can for as long as I remember. Can one person actually make a difference?

Shuffle the carbons?

  Recently, I looked into solar and wind generation of electricity for my house. For a large amount of money to buy a lot of equipment and then for maintenance I can produce enough energy for light bulbs and small appliances. Of course I still have those toxic storage batteries to deal with. I'll likely make back my money spent in 10 years if I don't have too many repairs on the equipment. Am I reducing one form of pollution and shifting it to another? This is kind of like buying and driving a hybrid car.

  Recently, I wrote a column on questionable chemicals found in food and plastics which are blocked from purchase and sale in Europe but allowed here in the U.S. Because they are blocked in Europe the purchase price drops and they become a bargain for manufacturers in the U.S., I stated in my column changing this would be like finding spit in an Olympic sized swimming pool. The scale is vast.

  Certainly, natural health is part of being good keepers of ourselves, communities, and world. When you choose an herbal remedy you tie yourself back to the health of the plant and soil. Herbals and natural products are unlike synthetic prescribed drugs in this regard. Depending only upon synthetic drugs is like calling it Global Warming instead of Global Pollution.

The thing is, itself

  It is like depending upon a hybrid automobile to save money on gasoline but having it cost a pretty nickel and shifting the type of pollution. This may be necessary ... but please see it for what it is.

  What can one person do? I'm borrowing from another columnist for the Citizen, Patrice Gros, as he said it so well and that is: go small, slow and stay as local as you can. Support your local Farmer's Market and take personal responsibility applying the three Rs, reduce, re-use and recycle. Then enjoy a glass of red wine.

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