Saturday, March 1, 2008

Julie Anna Weatherly

May 30, 1959 ~ February 29, 2008

Julie Anna Weatherly passed away on February 29th from a brief, but fierce battle with cancer.

She was loved deeply and survived by her husband John Weatherly, her daughter Jessica Green, and her most beloved grandchildren, Keenan, Morgan and Alicia.

She will also be sadly missed by her surviving father, David Parr, and by her siblings Dava, Sarah and Jonathan and her many friends and family.

Julie was preceded in death by her daughter Heather and by her very beloved mother, Phyllis.

Julie loved going to Beaver Lake for a swim on a hot day. Julie loved fishing. She loved to grow plants and to create life in her gardens. She had very agile fingers that could produce beautiful cross stitch wall hangings and crocheting was another skill she excelled at. She was a natural artist and poet and she could cook with the best of them. She loved her new house and she really loved the part about filling it up from the treasures she found "junkin'". Her immediate family can identify with this one; that girl could wreak havoc on a jigsaw puzzle!

Last but not least, she loved watching her daughter grow up and she loved playing with her grand children.

Thank you Julie.......

The family would like to invite all of you who knew and loved her to please come pay respects at the Wagon Wheel Tavern, Tuesday, March the 4th. We will start at 11a.m.