Monday, April 28, 2008

Art is accessible in Eureka Springs. That's why we dare to dedicate one of the most important tourism months to the arts.

Yes, part of the art in Eureka Springs will appeal only to people with plenty of money and a cultivated sensibility. For most of us, however, art is part of our everyday lives. May is the perfect time to experience this.

Let's start with the ARTrageous Parade on May 3. You've seen bigger parades, but you've never seen one like this, unless you were here last year. And if you catch this year's parade, you'll probably be back next year. It's fun, and a wonderful demonstration of living art.

Art is a part of our daily lives in Eureka Springs; your friendly shop clerk may be a sculptor, or your waitress could be a photographer. We have musicians, poets, artists, actors, authors and some others we can't classify.

Art cars are an excellent example of accessible art. You may think they're funny, or silly, or ugly, but you'll take a second look, and you'll have an opinion. Even kids can have opinions on art cars, and kids can create their own small-scale versions. Let's remember that art should entertain as well as educate.

The Gallery Stroll is a great opportunity to combine the education and entertainment aspects of art. The White Street Studio Walk also helps us all get closer to art and artists.

Music is an art form, too, and there will be music everywhere in May.

Even the flick of a fly rod might be considered art. So find your own form of expression in Eureka Springs this month, but take this golden opportunity to stretch your boundaries a little. And take some art home with you, too. Our artists aren't starving, but they can use some help!

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