Top Ten things to do in May

Monday, April 28, 2008

1. Take a hike. No, we don't mean "Get lost!" Around here, "Take a hike" suggests the possibilities of strolling through town or country, enjoying fresh air, lovely scenery, and good company. Start with Lake Leatherwood, or try the walking tours in town.

2. Dance. Whenever you can, and do it like no one is watching. There will be free music in Basin Park on weekends, more music in great venues all over town, and the month ends with Blues Weekend. Bring your dancing shoes, or go barefoot!

3. Catch a parade. Eureka Springs does parades in a different way. Start with the ARTrageous Parade on May 3, and bring your camera, because the folks back home may not believe you otherwise. The Art Cars ran in the ARTrageous Parade last year, but this year, they'll have their own parade May 24. Don't miss it!

4. Get Kinky! No, not like that. Come share an evening with Kinky Friedman May 10. Find out why this humorist and political satirist would have been the best governor Texas ever had.

5. Visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Their mission to rescue big cats is a continuing work of artistry, and they have photos and paintings you can take home with you, too.

6. Acquire some culture, in a painless way. During the White Street Studio Walk on May 16, artists open their studios, and they're so glad to see you that they put on refreshments!

7. Books in Bloom brings authors and readers together on the beautiful grounds of the Crescent Hotel. This event will make you glad you can read!

8. Catch some free acts in Basin Park. The Aerial Angels were a big hit last year, and they'll be back May 9-11.

9. The Saturday Gallery Strolls through selected downtown galleries combine sophistication and entertainment.

10. Getting the blues is a good thing. The month ends with total immersion in this American musical art form. From Basin Park to the Auditorium, and in watering holes all around town, find the bright side of the blues!   

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