Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Jim Fain

Listen up folks, here is a new supplement that everyone needs to know about. It is called Naringin. It changes slightly during digestion into Naringenin. It is a completely natural food product which comes from grapefruit and is a flavanoid. The digestibility of the Naringin is only about 15 percent of the swallowed amount but we don't need very much to accomplish a great deal.

  Why should you know about Naringin? Well, it appears to be beneficial for lots of reasons. I found studies linking it with apoptosis (cancer cell death), cholesterol reduction, improved antioxidant load, atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) reduction and lowering of low density lipids (bad cholesterol). It helps fight diabetes and ailments associated with diabetes, especially when paired with vitamin C. When digested, it can reduce the replication of the hepatitis C virus and could cause diet supplements to work more efficiently and longer in our systems.

  For instance, two capsules of green tea ingested along with one or two capsules of Naringin are likely to make the green tea last longer in our systems giving us prolonged benefit. If combined with Hoodia, its appetite suppression benefit would likely last longer, too.

  I've done an extensive MedLine search ( to review the research published on both Naringin and Naringenin. Like many, if not most, natural products, I found hundreds of scientific abstracts of research on these two. There were almost 400 on Naringin alone. I didn't find a single study which said Naringin was ineffective. Rather, I found lots of solid science supporting potential use as a dietary supplement or, if synthesized, as a prescribed drug. The studies I saw were mostly done in the lab or on mice and rats.

  What should you be careful about when supplementing with Naringin? Since, it causes certain things to last longer in our system, like the green tea suggestion above, you have to very careful if you take prescribed drugs. There is a long list of prescribed drugs that are problems with Naringin. For example, if you take prescribed blood pressure medicine, then Naringin would not be for you as it would cause your medication to lower your blood pressure too much, which could be dangerous. Be sure supplementing with Naringin is cleared by your doctor.

  One or two 400 mg capsules each day of Naringin should be both safe and ample, if used carefully. I think one each day would be fine for most people and, if desired, two per day, if the supplement fits you.

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