Thursday, May 29, 2008

You've picked the perfect month to come to Eureka Springs! June gives you the best of everything. It's warm enough to splash and swim in the lakes and rivers, but not too hot to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the streets.

  As you flip through the pages of this edition, you'll see a rich variety of activities. For the adventurous, outdoor adventures include hiking, fishing, swimming, or even a cave tour.

  Maybe you'll take in one of the highly-acclaimed music shows. The Great Passion Play has brought folks to the Ozarks for 40 years, and the performances this year feature a new script and new scenes, so even if you've gone before, it's worth another look.

  Artists helped put Eureka Springs on the map as a tourist destination, and the creative community remains a vibrant part of the local landscape. Tour the galleries, or take in an opera at Inspiration Point.

  Whatever you decide to do, you'll find Eureka Springs has an interesting way of providing you an entertaining and memorable experience. So enjoy the shops, the food, and the outdoor fun. Cruise the scenic highways by car or motorcycle. Hike, fish, swim, or climb. But whatever you do here, enjoy it to the fullest, and start making plans for your next trip to Eureka!

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