Top ten new adventures to try in June

Thursday, May 29, 2008

  10. Sleep with the windows open. Even when it gets summery-warm during the day, the nights cool off nicely. Listen to whippoorwills and cicadas instead of that noisy air-conditioner.

  9. Take a drive. Sure, you probably drove to get here, and you'll be driving when you leave, but it's different when you don't have a particular destination. Wander without a destination!

  8. Swim in the Kings River, where you can see your toes even when you're wading in waist-deep water.

  7. Join the Gallery Stroll on June 14. It's a way to make art more accessible, and you can nibble on nice treats as you stroll the streets.

  6. Lots of remote-control planes will fill the air during War Birds Over Arkansas, June 12-15. Cool!

  5. Visit the lovely Thorncrown Chapel, one of the top architectural achievements in the country.   

  4. Buy that ring. You're in Eureka Springs, one of the most popular wedding spots around, and you're here in June, a cherished month for nuptials, and you don't have a ring yet? Good thing there are wonderful jewelry shops downtown -- hint, hint.

  3. Hear the soprano sing. If you think opera isn't your bag, think again; a live show is compelling and inspiring, especially when you're watching the major divas of tomorrow at the Opera in the Ozarks.

  2. Just say ahhhhhh. Never had a massage? Then now's the time to unwind that ball of stress in your back with a soothing spa treatment. Who knows? You may actually be two inches taller when you're no longer hunched down with years' worth of tension.

  1. Find your own Shangri-la. Non-stop shopping? Great clubs with live music? A peaceful getaway by the lake? Music shows, museums, caves and tour homes? We've got it all. Build your own adventure this month, and start your summer off right.

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