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Monday, July 28, 2008

Advertisements for spas and massage therapy often use words like "getaway" or "escape." At Gryphon's Roost Day Spa and Gallery, they have a totally different perspective.

"We don't look at our spa services as indulging or escaping," said Stephanie DuBois. "We're not here to help you escape reality, we're here to help you get above your everyday reality."

Gryphon's Roost, located on Spring Street between the post office and the library, has an inviting gallery at street level, and the spa services are located downstairs. In Eureka Springs, it's not unusual for the top floor to be at street level. At Gryphon's Roost, coming in through the gallery will simultaneously relax you and stimulate your senses.

The gallery is comfortable and well-lit, and as Stephanie said, "The gallery and the spa blend seamlessly together." 

A trip down the stairs to the spa area feels like climbing into a tree house. A deck with a hot tub is secluded by trees. Entering the massage rooms brings a pleasant surprise of warmth and comfort. The sounds of rainshowers or birdsong filter into the peaceful setting.

A variety of spa treatments and packages are available, for individuals, couples, or even for groups. One thread runs through all the services here. The website states, "We consider it our highest obligation to provide comfort and happiness to others."

Stephanie said, "From the moment you walk into the gallery, you have our undivided attention. Most spas say that, but we actually do it and love doing it!"

Massage therapists like Donna Stanhouse feel fortunate to work in an intimate atmosphere that is both relaxing and uplifting. "My spirit is lifted because I know that I am working with others of high intention," Donna said. "It is so rewarding to share that with our clients and to see them leave feeling as grateful to receive as we do to give."

Taking care of yourself is not an indulgence, it's a necessity. As Stephanie explained, "Everybody gives all the time, to everyone but themselves. We live by giving, but we must also be able to receive. Giving and receiving become one at Gryphon's Roost."

This focus on each individual who comes through the door has kept Gryphon's Roost in business for 14 years.

People face increasingly difficult economic decisions, but as Stephanie reminds us, "Works of art and spa treatments both have the potential to help us transcend life's difficulties and give us the inspiration to carry on despite challenging times." 

More information about Gryphon's Roost is available at (877) 807-5667 or (479) 253-5667.

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