Out of Arkansas

Monday, October 13, 2008

How do I know?

Three Cajuns are sitting around watching the sun go down.

The nearly oldest says, "You know, I was just'a kid listening to the radio when I think, hey, they're folks talking to me, and I look around. Ain't nobody, here, 'cept me. That's a miracle"

The next oldest says, "Yeah, I remember, but the TV had women dancing, kicking up their skirts, and I'm thinking, do they know what I can see? It's a miracle."

The third old coot, older than dirt, sets his beer down, looking seriously at the sun.

"Yeah, you know I always takes my thermos, summer, winter, to work. And you know I loves my soups.

"So in the summers, it keeps 'em cool, and winter-time, they be hot. Tell me, how do it know?"

Well, if you vote, we've got ourselves into a same-thing head-scratching problem. Democrats and Republicans are telling us that somehow we've gotten ourselves broke, and it's going to take 700 billion dollars ($700,000,000,000) to straighten it all out.

Well, all we know is that we're losing our homes, our jobs, and what little savings we had. Looking back eight years, things were just fine. Looking at it straight in the face today, we're sucking guppy water.

Seems like nobody knows where the money went, but we're going to pay for it anyway. The experts tell us it's the stock market's (Wall Street's) fault because it crashed.

Remembering that the stock market is just a thing, a seat at a blackjack table playing the odds without a human being caring, ask yourself when's the last time you bought stock or played blackjack for real money.

Ah, now think about a nameless, faceless thing that just took you down, and you've got to ask yourself, "why? I was just fine eight years ago, but this mechanical machine has just ruined my life, or so it says. How do it know?"