Local artists showing in goddess festival

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FAYETTEVILLE -- A trio of local artists -- Carol Peacock, Mary Springer and Zoi Young -- are participants in a month-long celebration of "Goddesses, Angels & Amazons," the first Goddess Festival, being held at Ultra Studios in Fayetteville throughout the month of March.

"I used to be part of the Matriarchs group here in Fayetteville," said co-producer Diana Rivers, "and I had always wanted to do a goddess show. This fall we did it!"

The event, described as a "month-long celebration of the power and divinity of Women as expressed in the archetypes of Goddess, Angel or Amazon," features nightly events and all-day programming on weekends.

Powerful archetypes, powerful message

"Bringing the Goddess back into the modern world directly challenges the many thousand year rule of patriarchal religion that has excluded women from divinity and, therefore, from secular power as well," said Rivers. "With this in mind, we hope to create a show of powerful female imagery using [these archetypes]."

Rivers said the festival would include a CD release party for a CD of festival music on Friday, Feb. 13 with live music.

Wide variety of events scheduled

Other events include poetry, yoga, cajun dance lessons, belly dancing, a staged reading of the screenplay Men Only, "Dancing with the Divas through the Decades," and many other events, ending Sunday, March 29 with an improv music and drumming jam.

"We believe the world is in need of a profound shift in consciousness," said Rivers, "from a paradigm of war and aggression to one of peace and cooperation. This will not happen until women are full partners in the decision making process and women's values are honored. We hope this show will express the divinity, the spirit and the power of women. Let's help bring the goddess home again!"

For details, including a full schedule of events, go to www.goddessfestival.com.

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