Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peppermint was born in January 2000 and died on April 10, 2009

She was preceded in death by Snowball, Pomello, Frankenstein, Dinky, Furball and Kiwi. She is survived by 3rd mate Sweetie, JoJo and family; they will continue the duties of the "Working Bunnies" at East By West and Caroline's Collectables.

Peppermint was Eureka's "Original Working Bunny."

People have said they came to Eureka Springs just to see the "Working Bunnies." You gave many kisses, surprised more than a few, made thousands smile and laugh with your intelligence and antics. In turn, you enjoyed the attention.

You were well suited for the retail life -- calmly handing customers their change (bills and coins), credit cards, receipts and bags. Year after year, you loved and touched us as you did the countless people from all over the world who got to meet you. Even the Hell's Angels wanted to make you an honorary member.

I shall miss sharing with you my peanuts and popcorn. You also had a fondness for junk food. You'd beg for treats with nudges, stand on your hind legs or give us sad bunny eyes. If that didn't work, you'd just steal our lunches with all the cuteness the world could offer in two stout ears and a running-motor nose. Your offspring were also similarly talented. Furball, who worked more than 5 years at Caroline's Collectables, can still be seen on Animal Planet: Planet's Funniest Animals.

It was Good Friday, and you felt it was time to go. I am heartbroken because you went too soon for me. The breeder said your kind doesn't live but six years. I would like to think you lived as long as you did because you were so dearly loved by us all. There are other bunnies to take your place at the register. But they will never be you -- not your personality nor sweetness.

I hope you are now feeling spryly again -- doing your bunny hops and bouncing in a vegetable garden of your dreams or binkying across the meadows to your heart's content. Or maybe you're at a pizza parlor ordering a veggie thin crust to-go. You deserve it after your nine years of service to us.

Pepper, you will always be the "Original Working Bunny." We love and miss you. Wishing you hoppy times ahead ... our most beloved Peppermint ... until we meet again.

Yume K. Tolle Leavell

[Editor's note: Memorial donations may be made to the Good Shepherd Humane Society (GSHS). Pepper donated proceeds from photographs of her taken with tourists and would like to see the tradition of supporting GSHS continue.]