One "handy" magazine rack

Thursday, May 6, 2010
Yep, you guessed it -- that's your normal anodized aluminum multicolored magazine rack on a rolling snowboard parked on the Citizen porch. Donor Phil Hollenbeck and Jimmy Lolovic think it's the perfect spot... where else? The "handy" rack is part of Hollenbeck's spring cleaning, and will now be handled more often. Photo by CD White

Just in time for May's Festival of the Arts, Phil Hollenbeck decided to purge some belongings from his "collection of crap" and rolled up to the Citizen office with a snowboard ("and a good one, too") on top of his car -- and not just the usual snowboard. This one has aqua wheels, and from it sprouts a stand of colorful three-foot stems topped with aluminum hands large enough to hold magazines.

This would have been great stuff for Yard Art, but the Citizen is just as happy to use it for functional porch art to "hand" out the paper's various publications.

Designed and built by Brent Anderson of Dallas for the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, the Handy Rack journeyed from place to place in Dallas -- stores, coffee houses and museums -- and was eventually used to serve up Hollenbeck's own publication, Rough.

"I'm excited you guys like it," said Hollenbeck, "because it needed a home. This is part of my spring purging."

Thanks Phil, we love it. What else ya got?

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