Steven S. White

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Multi-talented Steven was known for his graphic design, artistic endeavors, counseling, bodywork, non-profit work, and for the past five years as the PR/Marketing/Admissions Director of Clear Spring School.

Steven fell in love with Eureka Springs when his life partner of twenty-one years, DonE Allen, brought him here vacationing from their home in Austin. The couple took up residence here eight years ago, building two beautiful homes in the area.

Soon after arriving in Eureka Springs, Steven published A Secret Revealed -- Visions of Eureka Springs, a collection of stunning photographs he had taken around town.

Steven is survived by his partner, DonE Allen, of Eureka Springs; his father James; brothers Michael and Jimmy; and sister Linda, all of Texas.

He will always be remembered for his generosity and sweetness, but mostly for his enormous impish smile. In lieu of flowers, Steven asked that donations be made in his name to Clear Spring School.