Bob, Dec. 13, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

To those of us who know cats, Bob didn't seem like any we'd ever met. He was fearless, always friendly and happy. He liked to come along with the dogs on walks and would play vigorously with his beagle friend, Harry. He was the best!

In 2000, Bob showed up at Tina Cone's vet office. He was un-neutered, had ear mites, and she knew he had not been cared for. He ended up with the Havens family and was immediately at home. Marsha wanted to name him Jazz. Her son wanted to call him Ziggy. So they called him Ziggy-Jazz, or ZJ for short. That cumbersome name lasted about a week until they said, "To heck with this; his name is Bob!"

Bob had a circuit of morning stops on the street. For years he would get various treats every morning: half-and-half, tuna, and more. Everyone loved Bob.

Five years ago, Marsha's menagerie welcomed a Corgi named Chili. He's by nature a sheep herder, and wanted to herd Bob. Bob didn't want to be herded and so, being the good-natured animal he was, Bob became an outdoor cat.When Bob moved outside, he began to hang around with a neighbor who had never enjoyed cats. He moved in and she found out how much she could love one. Bob still visited his favorite people on Linwood. A favorite was Virginia across the street. She never failed to provide him with the food and affection he reveled in. So today, we toast Bob! He brought Love to us all. He gave our neighborhood a common bond which has increased our already strong camaraderie. He was happy to the end. He inspires us to do and be the same.

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