Wanema June Casey, Sept. 15, 1935 -- Feb. 20, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wanema June Casey was born to Paralee and Frank Weddington in Busch, Ark., Sept. 15, 1935. She died Feb. 20 at the age of 76.

June lived most of her life in Butler Hollow.

She will always be deep in the heart of those who knew and loved her. A mother of five, Randy, Evening Star, Glenda, Rhonda and Preston, she always gave life her all.

From working full time to loving full time, she never quit. Her family came first with every breath she took.

With five grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren, June somehow found individual love and attention for all -- "How-do-there?" was the way she always answered the phone.

Her sister, Leverne ("Sidder") was not only her only sister, but also her best friend.

Her first name, Wanema, means "brave woman" in Cherokee, and that she was.

I, her granddaughter, wish everyone in the world could have had the chance to know her and the experience of playing music together and wonderful homemade Sunday dinners with brown beans, cornbread and cobbler -- yumm.

I love and miss you, Grandma.

Crystal (Casey) Pendergraft