Patt Farar Barnett Milam, Nov. 13, 1945 -- June 1, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Patt Farar Barnett Milam passed away peacefully surrounded by family and friends on June 1 at her home in Berryville, Ark. She was 66.

She was born in Little Rock, Ark., November 13, 1945, the daughter of the late Loretta and R.C. "Dick" Farar and sister of Donna Farar, Jude Farar, Rick Farar and Bart Farar. She moved from Arkansas at the age of six weeks, and was a long-time resident of Texas.

She returned to Arkansas in 1974. She is survived by her husband, Dr. Craig Milam, her brothers and sisters, her daughters, Loretta Barnett Crenshaw (from her first marriage to James Claude "Bubba" Barnett); Robin Milam Weinmann; and Julia Simkins and son Ben Milam (children of her husband Craig), as well as grandchildren Jade Jones, Molly Jones, Kole Myers, Audrey Myers, Cavin and Quinton Simkins and many nieces and nephews.

Her heart was connected to her brain all the time. She was "always right" and thankfully, she usually was right.

Patt graduated from W.B. Travis High School in Austin, Texas, and Isbel Beauty College in 1960. She opened the first unisex hair salon, Fresh Hair, in Austin.

After moving to Eureka Springs with her other "Fabulous Farar Sisters," she met and married Dr. Craig Milam on December 24, 1975. They moved to Izard County where Craig practiced medicine. They moved to Berryville in 1986.

These are just a few of the facts of Patt's life... here are a few of the truths... Patt Farar Milam was a warrior woman, a tribal leader, a strong link in the chain of Peace. She was a powerful woman, wife, aunt, mother and grandmother. She was a mother/sister to many and a friend to more. A lover of nature and beauty, Patt captured many an awesome image of her environment. Her photos of rivers, mountains, mesas, streams and trees evoke the mystical mysteries of Mother Nature at Her finest.

She was a devoted appreciator of art and music. Patt was an artist, jewelry-maker, sculptor and Goddess. A teacher, mentor, gardener, cook and a funny, feisty, fiery, freckled-faced redhead. She was a fashion trend-setter and trusted hairdresser to hippies and blue-hairs alike. She was an efficient vehicle packer, an avid road-tripper and a baby whisperer.

Patt was a spiritual seeker and a talisman keeper. She was a tee-pee dweller, log cabin resident, truck mechanic and carpenter. She could build a sweat lodge on the edge of a creek and knew how to make the best of both.

She was a river rafter, a skinny-dipper and one helluva good dancer. She was loved and cherished, admired and embraced by too many to count.

At the end of her life here with us, she whispered, "Sometimes I can't tell if I am being touched by someone or if they are teaching me." After a short pause she said, "Maybe both."

Now, she is flying free and soaring high. We will watch for the flash of the red-tailed hawk and listen for her song in our Riverdreams.

In lieu of flowers, Patt and her family ask that you support a cause you believe in, wear sunscreen and tell your loved ones that you love them.

Memorial services will be 7 p.m., Monday, June 18, at The Space in Eureka Springs.