Letter to the Editor

On Christianity, history and early framing

Friday, June 22, 2012


Just a few facts that might help the confused about the history and course of Christianity in America.

The first American textbook was the New England Primer, and though it was not the bible as claimed by some, it was full of biblical advice and lessons. Folks who lived in those times had knowledge of rudimentary sciences infused with superstition.

Religion taught superstition and hatred, fear and righteous bigotry then as it does now. Some people were put to death for witchcraft, a crime generally nothing more than knowledge of herbs and healing.

Religion, instead of being useful and helpful to the early Americans, was divisive, regressive and harmful to progress. Christianity has had a long history of destructiveness, bloodshed and murder in the Americas and Europe, which carried right on through to Puritan New England and was responsible for the horrible treatment the native population received from men of god.

Manifest Destiny was a message from god that all of America was the ours to rape and pillage with the Christian god's blessing, and Christians followed their god's word with gusto or at least an excuse for thoughtless excesses. Though the predominate and uneducated citizenry were faithful to Christianity, leaders in early America were not. The first four Presidents, in fact, were Deists, not Christians, as were many early members of Congress, hence the separation of church from state being clearly stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Early framers believed it to be important to separate the Federal Government from Religion.

Giving any god credit for the accomplishments of mortal men willing to fight and die for their beliefs in freedom is a great disservice to those men and women.

Rick Burry