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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road rage

Dear editor,

I live just off of Carroll County Road 309, Rocky Top Road. The drive from U.S. 62 has always been a beautiful mile with wonderful trees growing along the sides.

Then, about three weeks ago, Carroll Electric sent in sawyers and bulldozers and devastated the sides of the road. They even cut down a lovely 7 foot Mimosa tree that was in full bloom.

I asked the construction (misnomer) men what they were doing that for and they said that they were going to install another power line along 309.

Unfortunately, they bulldozed and cut way too far up the sides of the road. Not only that but they have not cleaned up their messes, with partially demolished trees standing among the stumps and wood splinters covering the earth.

I suppose the next thing will be spraying poisons along the logged area. I don"t know who is responsible but initially Carroll County Electric Corporation is responsible.

It is beyond my comprehension how Carroll electric is able to do this without community input.

How in heavens name can they justify the CLOSED meeting that they conducted where citizens were prevented from speaking.

If I had the money, I sure as heck would challenge the unconstitutional behavior of that corporation.

I'm contacting the ACLU to see what legal actions can be taken.

--Richard D. Seifried

Twisted view of Christianity

Dear editor,

Take a clean white sheet. Put a black spot on it. What are you going to look at? The spot!

This is Rick Burry's view of Christianity.

True, Christians do not live in hatred, bigotry, mindless worldly pursuits but endeavor to better the world by giving the teachings of Jesus' opening the doorway to the Father through love and compassion. "Steal, kill, and destroy" is the mantra of the other side.

-- Eric W. Pederson

Don't dog police with false calls

Dear editor,

My stepfather was a police officer. He served in Big cities and small towns alike. I saw and learned the value of his time first hand and it really bothers me.

Like the one where kids were practicing drama in the park and the police were called because someone thought they were selling real-estate?? And the countless "dog calls"!

There needs to be tighter pet ownership regulations and citations issued to "false calls" if two or more come from the same number.

These calls describe the caller sometimes as "observant" or "concerned" citizen when actually it is a waste of time for everyone including the taxpayer.

-- Harry Cook