Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum, Aug. 2 edition

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Opinion about ES school board


Eureka Springs School District does not need a new assistant superintendent.

Recent news articles told of the District posting at their administrative offices two position vacancies. One was for a new assistant superintendent and the other for a high school principal. Neither of these vacancies was discussed in open board meeting sessions. The changes to a school-approved budget and the adding of new personnel should be discussed in open session with the public and employees afforded the opportunity to voice their opinion as to how these positions will be paid for out of the current budget. District cannot afford this new administrative post as the state lawsuit has not been resolved and the district may come up short to the tune of $800,000. That fact, coupled with the loss of 75 students during the past year, makes state aid and local funding for the future questionable.

If you share my concerns and the concerns of others regarding these decisions, please attend the next Board of Education meeting at 5:30 on Aug. 16 in the Administration Building. Sign up to speak to your elected Board on this or other issues. As a retired school superintendent, I can tell you that other staff and teachers can complete the duties described for this new position as they were in the past. If stipend monies are not available, perhaps the three principals and current superintendent could find time to write grants. The staff and students are doing a fine job in the schools as the recent test scores indicate. Show your support for keeping as much funding at the classroom level as possible and maybe even lower the school tax rate that we all pay.

-- Dr. Ken Brown

Keeping the facts straight


To set the record straight, I am not involved in the Eureka Springs Independent, nor am I starting a newspaper as stated in your letters column last week. Are you trying to get me sued?

Bill King