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Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Jackson Destry


Jackson was more than a person. He was more than a positive spirit, but most of all he was the most unique free soul anyone has ever met and there will never be another kind like Jackson. I could never forget how lucky I was to be able to call him my best friend, and I still am. I'm so grateful for all the things Jackson had taught me throught the years. He taught me how to be strong, he taught me how to love and how to apprecicate the things I have and to remember how much I do have, such as friends like him. His one-of-a-kind jokes and puns, and smart-ass remarks to go along with his everlasting smile and ocean-blue eyes made Jackson who he is. Not to mention the fact that he kept every single one of our chins up when we were in doubt or distress. Jackson Destry was the only person in the world I could tell absolutely anything to and it would be ok -- he would never ever judge. However, all of these qualities that made Jackson who he was, will always be who he is. He will always be there for us, he will always be watching us and smiling and laughing and singing along to the songs that remind us of him. It's hard to say he's in a better place, when we feel he should be here, with us. But he is happier now. He is holding one down for us and saving us room for the party he's at now. Jackson always told me, "Love you, miss you, forever with you." And I know it's true, and he will be forever with me on every adventure that I have ahead of me. This is the hardest thing I've had to go through, as for many others as well, we will stay strong for Jackson, for he is forever with us.

Amanda Aziza Mazili

Support the Passion Play


Where do you go to interview those 'citizens' that care so little about "The Great Passion Play'" that brings so much revenue to this community? This is not only important to our community in general, but to our nation. Why don't we all pull together and support this great gift that the Smiths have given to this community, and what it stands for and make sure that it does not fail, because if it did, so many more businesses will also fail. We need to ask ourselves what are our priorities -- dog parks, jazz festivals or reaching out to the souls of everyone throughout this entire country. God only asks that we try to save "one soul at a time." The Great Passion Play is indeed doing that; quit condeming and go and see for yourself. Your life can be changed. People come to Eureka Springs with groups from all over the country to experience "those last days of Christ on this earth."

S. Rhodes

Eagle Rock, Mo.