Community writing program schedule

Thursday, October 4, 2012

* Oct. 6 -- Setting, Characterization, Dialogue, $45

How do you create characters that are fully-formed, three dimensional, believable, sympathetic PEOPLE that the reader cares about?

How do you write dialogue that sounds like real speech, but isn't? (Because real speech is boring.) How can dialogue further plot? How can you avoid the common dialogue mistakes that scream "amateur?"

How can you take the same few details about a room, and manipulate them to make the reader feel fear, joy, sorrow--anything you want?

This all-day workshop begins at 9:00 at the Writers' Colony, and you do not have to have taken previous workshops to learn these three important techniques.

* Oct. 14 -- Poetry with Don Lee, $25

* Oct. 20 -- Memoir with Laura Parker Castoro (, $45

* Oct. 27 -- Fiction, $45

* Dec. 8 -- Fiction. $45 (this completes the Fiction Program)

The fiction program is a 5-part modular program, so a student can take the workshops in any order, though all are needed to complete the full program.

For more information, contact Alison Taylor-Brown at or 479 292-3665. Register early, as space is limited.

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